Dear i-Learners,

On the 3rd and 10th of March 2013, more than 200 prize winners attended the 18th i-Learner Prize Presentation Ceremony at the i-Learner Education Centre. The ceremony garnered a grand gathering, and we were delighted to see such an enthusiastic turnout!

These students performed exceptionally well out of almost 40,000 i-Learners from over 200 schools in Hong Kong. This is good reason to be proud of their achievements indeed!

The theme of the prize presentation ceremony was “Enjoy Learning, Enjoy Discovering”. True to this theme, the prize presentation ceremony included many fun games for these prize recipients to play! Lady Luck shone especially brightly on a few guests, who received bonus prizes sponsored by our Love-Children partners in the lucky draw session!
Congratulations, again, to all our winners and also to all i-Learners. You are a winner if you learn with your heart and improve your English with i-Learner! We are sure you will continue to work to your best abilities on i-Learner, and we look forward to seeing you at the next prize presentation ceremony to be held in July!

Warmest Regards,

Bugbug, Tara, Twist, Bitbit

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